Welcome to the Community website for MOFSA (Marianne Oberg Foundation for Spiritual Art). This website is for everyone interested in spiritual art who feels aligned with our vision:

The Marianne Oberg Foundation for Spiritual Art exists to support artists who create works that inspire peace within individuals and between disparate communities. MOFSA is not bound to any particular religious creed, rather we hope to encourage artists as they pursue their own spiritual path.

On this site we welcome artists who would like to connect with other artists sharing a spiritual perspective. In the world of art the pursuit of spirit may be lonely! We hope our website can help you find a community that will support you in your aspirations.

We also welcome people of all faiths who love art and would like to expand the presence of art in their lives, augmenting their own spiritual path. It can offer a unique opportunity to connect with the artists themselves. We are interested in art in all its forms, including painting, sculpture, fine crafts, music, dance, and poetry. We include pages to display the varied work of artists in our community. We have a particular focus on the visual arts, the area where MOFSA awards grants.

The heart of this website is a blog where artists can share their work. For the visual arts we encourage you to share works in progress when you desire critique and feedback from other artists. In our blog you can also post notices of upcoming exhibits and other activities that would like to make known to the MOFSA community. Please read this introduction to our community blog.

We also plan to develop an online gift shop.

NOTE: This website is currently in experimental development. Some of the content is intended to provide technical resources and links for helping us in the development of the site. Categories and suggested tags are subject to change.